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Home Time

I’m so excited – I actually got to spend a couple of hours home this evening before I came to my dad’s house. It was nice. Plus, I got some laundry done and the kitchen cleaned up.

Then I got to my dad’s and found out he hadn’t had any supper again. So I heated up some soup for him. Of course then he wanted me to do a few things for him. He wanted me to know what was in all of his files on the house and the insurance and just important papers. I guess I’m in charge of all of that.

I found some stuff I had been looking for of my mom’s genealogy for two years. I was pretty excited and immediately put it in my car.

We have an appointment at Heritage Pointe for Friday morning. They know he is not assisted living capable but they also know they have to tell him. But then tonight as he was talking about it again, I mentioned that he needed to be aware they may not take him in assisted living. He seemed okay with that. At least now it won’t be a shock to him. But it also means that it changes everything for getting him ready. Instead of assisted living waivers, he will have to go on Medicaid. It may delay getting him moved.

Tonight I’m thankful for a little bit of time at home – in my own house – in my own chair. It felt so good. I’m also thankful I found that genealogy stuff I had been looking for. And I’m thankful we have an appointment at the nursing home.


Comments on: "Home Time" (2)

  1. I’ve been thinking about you, Pamela. I’m so glad your dad may be coming round to talking leaving home and where he is going. At least it’s hopeful that he mentioned something in that direction.

    Happy to hear you found the family papers.

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