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Let’s play doctor

I had an incredibly busy/full Monday.

Started out at 6:00 am – hurried home (after being up until 1 am talking with my daughter) to take a shower and change clothes and get back into town. Today we were filming for my campaign video and Andrea and Soren were going to be in it. Soren, of course, was adorable. However, he was a little cranky. But he was rewarded by being able to jump on a trampoline for a little bit.

Then Andrea did henna on my shoulder. Not a good idea. She used the premixed henna and it had such a strong smell to it that I was sick all morning. I finally had to scrape it off so it won’t be very noticeable, but at least I wasn’t sick anymore. Hurried to hug and kiss them goodbye and off to work.

Well, work, as in I was there for 10 minutes before I had to leave for my doctor’s appointment. You know, the one I have had to wait weeks for since I was released from the hospital. I absolutely love this new doctor though. She was very personable. I have never had a woman physician personally before and we seemed to connect – she really listened and gave me all the time I needed. I know I’m going to like her a lot.

So, she changed my blood pressure meds to something stronger (it also happens to be a lot pricier). There is no generic for it either. But the good news is that it is still covered under my prescription plan. She gave me a month’s worth of samples to see if that helps. I have an app that lets me track my BP and it was obvious that we needed to do something. Plus she is going to continue prescribing my MS meds for me instead of making me go to a neurologist (unless I have an exacerbation).

Then lab work to check my potassium levels. They called me a couple of hours later to tell me that it was normal, but low normal and she wanted me to start taking a multi-vitamin with potassium in it.

Hopefully I will be all set on the health care front for awhile.

I’ve had a headache most of the day – but I’m attributing that to lack of sleep and stress. I had hoped to be able to get to bed early tonight, but it is already after 11:00 pm and I still have to finish a couple of things I brought home from the office.

I asked my niece if she would stay with her grandpa on Friday night, hoping I could then lay in bed on Saturday morning. She said she would stay, but she sleeps so soundly that she wouldn’t hear him if he called her in the night. Sigh. I guess I won’t really get a break. I’m exhausted. It’s been two weeks since I’ve been in my bed and I really miss it.

The next two days are more filming days so I won’t be getting much work done. But somehow I must, I have a board meeting on Thursday morning early and another out of town meeting on Friday. No wonder I’m tired 😉

But I’m thankful for my new doctor. I’m thankful my meds will be covered under my insurance plan. And I’m thankful for the time with my daughter and grandson

Comments on: "Let’s play doctor" (5)

  1. I hope the head is feeling better today. Don’t want to bug you since you are filming.

  2. Boy, Pam! It sounds exhausting. I am glad you are making time to make sure your health is ok. I am sure you don’t want another episode that landed you in the ER. That’s wonderful about liking your doctor – that is so key! I wish you could get rest and sleep in your own bed, though. 🙂

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