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Broken Record

I know I sound like a broken record. But it’s become my life. Another appointment at the law office. This time with the paralegal. Fortunately she is a really good friend. When I started to melt down, I was with a friend and not a professional.

This applying for Medicaid is hard stuff. Then I get to go back and tell dad and he gets upset with me. I didn’t write the Medicaid rules and neither did the attorney. Dad is frustrated too. I think I’m close to getting everything they need though. Unfortunately, we won’t be ready to apply by July 1.

That means it may be awhile before we can get him moved.

On a brighter note, I was here from 3:00 on today. After dinner tonight, I asked dad if he wanted to sit outside on the porch with me. He was thrilled. He hadn’t been out of the house today. We didn’t stay out long, but I think it was good for him.

Then I came inside and started deep cleaning. I swear this house hasn’t really been cleaned since my mom died 27 months ago. My dad pays my 16 yr old niece to clean (she is definitely overpaid). She evidently doesn’t move anything to dust, doesn’t bother dusting the pictures on the wall, the baseboards or clean the kitchen sink. Yuk! The dust was flying. But I got a lot done tonight. I will finish up in the morning. We have a realtor coming over tomorrow afternoon. I think after that I may be able to go home for a couple of hours and collapse.

My uncle fell again today. This time it was face first into some berry brambles. He was pretty scratched up, but generally okay. Although he lost his $4000 hearing aid in the fall. My cousin and her husband searched for it and finally got lucky and found it. I need to go see him tomorrow. I’ve been neglecting him since I’ve been so busy with my dad.

I’m so thankful that I had a nice day (mostly) with my dad. I even got to see Warren this evening long enough to sit and have dinner. That’s the first I’ve laid eyes on him since Tuesday. I’m also thankful that my sister actually told me tonight how grateful she is that I’m handling all of dad’s affairs. She wants nothing to do with any of it. I also know that she wouldn’t be moving as quickly as I have been to pull things together for the attorney. I’m anxious to get the house on the market. I will have to make payments in a couple of months if it doesn’t sell quickly so I definitely want to see it sell quickly.

I’m tired and I’m sure this is boring as hell for all of you. In fact, you may not still be here at the end. But if you are, make sure you get long term care insurance today! Make sure (if you are young) your parents have it. Don’t wait until you need to have nursing care to plan for it. It is exhausting and stressful.


Comments on: "Broken Record" (7)

  1. Great advice. Hope you do sell quickly. The markets a bit better than it was this time last year.

  2. I’ve been in similar situations with family. I feel for you. Very stressful, and I hope this whole thing gets easier for you and your dad….

  3. I hope the house moves quickly as well. When we were taking care of my wife’s parents one thought came to me at the time of deep stress. I was thankful I could help given all they had done for my wife. This comforted me immeasurably since every challenge became more or less another opportunity to give back. Maybe this will help you as well and I know it is hell.

    • I really have enjoyed all the time I’ve spent with my dad. I was ready to head home this morning and he said “we are going to breakfast again, right?” So, we went to breakfast. Heading home to change clothes at 10:00 am. Probably won’t be home much at all today. Realtor at 3:30. Cleaning until then. Maybe I can nap after the realtor.

  4. Sue Nunemaker said:

    Hopefully your dad’s house will sell as quickly as my daughter’s! They put it on the market on June 3 and closed on June 20th!

  5. Thanks for the heads up and the advice. Sorry you are having to learn the hard way what it is like without having all the important things in place. We just don’t think or want to think about those things until it is too late! Hang in there.

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