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This book was set in a time period that is difficult for me to understand. I understand what actually happens then, but I don’t get the oppression of races and women.

Kathryn is trying desperately to break free from both biases, but struggles with her own background, and I would guess upbringing. Her father arranged a marriage for her to a man who then died. We learned of her abuse and that she was required to be a grieving widow living with her younger sister and brother-in-law. The story unfolds slowly and reveals many layers. But we are allowed to join Kathryn and Julia as they make their way into a new world.

While the book needed a proofreader to correct a few typos, it was basically well written. The story does have an open conclusion and then the reader finds out this is just book one in a trilogy. I would recommend this book for a day when you are looking for a quick read.

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  1. The cover art reminds me of the 1960’s books from signet.

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