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Somehow I missed that this was a Book 2 in the Civil War Trilogy. But this book had no problem standing alone. Not sure if I should read the first book next or just finish up the series next.

I really enjoy books set in the civil war time. And I thought I knew the history pretty well. But the style of this book was to tell the story from the viewpoint of both the a Union and the Rebel sides, and from various leaders. I was worried that I would get confused. But that didn’t happen.

The storytelling gave a human aspect to a well known battle – Gettysburg. You felt the anger, the pain, the anguish of these soldiers. The story was so well told that I found myself questioning who really won the Battle of Gettysburg as the fighting began.

I felt myself cheering on both sides and wanting each of these men to win. The battle itself was not told in great detail, but each officer was able to give their voice to what happened.

I highly recommend this book and give it five stars. I’m hoping to find the first and third books to be equally as engaging.

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