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Blown Away

Tonight I’m thankful for a couple of things. Thankful that I went home this morning and was back asleep by 7:30. I napped until 11:00. Then I put on my bathing suit and laid on the deck sunbathing and napping until about 2:00. I rely on Sunday to catch up these days. Hopefully we will be able to move dad two weeks from tomorrow. It all depends on one life insurance policy yet.

The other thing I’m so thankful for is Dreams of Love was free for Friday and Saturday. I had 135 downloads. No real promotion of it, but it rocketed to the top 2500 free books on all of Kindle. I think that’s pretty amazing.

To cap it off, I just saw a review on Amazon that blows me away.
Seriously Susan Marie Molloy wrote an absolutely amazing review. It made me cry, although I know I was smiling and blushing through the tears.

Now it is time to promote Love: Lost and Found.
It is currently doing quite well in the sales rankings too.


Comments on: "Blown Away" (3)

  1. Congrats on the success!

  2. Great news! The review was awesome

  3. Great News! Congratulations on a lovely review and acquiring new readers.

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