Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

Given my recent difficulties with TIAA/CREF life insurance company, this resonated with me.



Pet peeve time. Why not? Nothing else is going on.

Listen up, Big Box Super Corporation Store. It’s nice that you sold me that fanootney valve for my turbo deplicatator, but as far as I’m concerned our relationship ended when I walked out of the store. I did not expect to get an email thirty minutes later asking me to complete your customer satisfaction survey. And I certainly wasn’t up for a phone call from Service Concierge, Filo Hipopshadeez, who wanted to follow up on how installation of the fanootney went. He (she?) was surprised I hadn’t attempted installation yet, and when I explained that my schedule was a little tight and I hoped to get to it next weekend, she (he?) cautioned that I shouldn’t let my 30-day No Holds Barred Return Policy period lapse. I said it was all groovy, but we parted on rather tense terms.


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