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Poisoned Vows Review

I’m not sure this is a true review. But I re-read this book periodically. Not your typical black widow story. At least not for me. Jill Coit was married ten times. She had real children and phantom children. She is a true sociopath.

I have an interesting perspective on this story. I was a a new mom of 21 and worked for Jill at the State Farm office. She treated me quite well and was always giving me clothes from her (fictitious) daughter for my baby girl. Her then husband, Eldon Metzger was always so nice. I only met her boys briefly.

Anyway, this is a tragic story of a sociopath. I think there were a few holes in the story, but I found rang true to much of what I learned. Jill will never rehabilitate and it is good she will never be free again, although she was always nice to me.


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  1. Sounds like you are getting some great reviews on your new book! You vanished from my radar a casualty of my WP epic disaster. I think I’ve fixed it up – this afternoon. Cute little story about the tooth.

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