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Tomorrow is my dad’s last day and night in his home. It has been two months and feels like two years. It will be emotional for him. And harder than I think to leave him at the nursing home I bet.

He has already told me that he’s sure this one guy (busybody #1) will show up at the nursing home while we are settling him in. I said I would tell him no visitors on Monday. Dad said none until Wednesday.

Dad and I are so much alike. In fact, I was looking at a couple of diary entries my mother had written many years ago. She said that he was so withdrawn. And that opposites really do attract but she wanted to do things and he was content to be quiet. My dad is an introvert and my mom was an extrovert. Definitely opposites. I am in between but lean towards being an introvert. I understand him wanting to be alone. I have been miserable lately. It seems I haven’t had the quiet time to myself I require. My sister (also an extreme extrovert) shows up and talks. I walk to the edge of the doorway to refill my glass and she follows me. I really am content being alone. When it is just dad and me, I’m fine because he doesn’t require conversation.

Right now I just want to get dad moved and settled. We’ve had lots of bumps in the road along the way and will have more, I’m sure. I need to get back to my normal life. I haven’t had a life for weeks. My blood pressure has been up. I have been eating junk. My house misses my attention. I miss my house. I haven’t read nearly as much as I’m accustomed with.



Comments on: "Dad" (4)

  1. Really hope all goes well. Will be thinking of you and your dad.

  2. Hang in there a bit longer! Almost there! I am sure there will be more bumps along the way but getting most of your life back will be wonderful. I will be thinking of you and your dad tomorrow, I know emotions will be high. xo

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