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Children’s Book Reviews

I love children’s books. Here are some I picked up at the library the other day.
This was a cute story of Amos McGee who works at the zoo. Every day he visits different animals and interacts with them…until he wakes up sick one morning. Amos stays home in bed and the animals miss him. So, they catch the bus and visit him. All of the things Amos does for the animals normally is repaid when they visit. The illustrations are cute even though they aren’t flashy. A very cute story for young children.
What a cute book. Colorful, bright illustrations as four chickens get lost in town. This is a great story for children to get them involved.
This is a great book for children starting school or changing schools. As Mr. Hartwell tries to get Sarah Jane Hartwell to get out of bed and get ready for school. She insists she doesn’t want to go, the children won’t like her, and she wants to stay in bed. She eventually does get moving and the reader gets a surprise! I loved this book and when I read it to kindergartners the other day, they did too. Beautifully illustrated.
I read and reviewed Bats at the Beach and thought I would enjoy more Bat books. While this book was clever, the cadence and rhythm of this book did not match that of Bats at the Beach. If you are looking for a children’s book that reads aloud well, stick with Bats at the Beach.


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  1. Love these! I have never read them but they look like great reads for children and adults! Have you ever considered writing one yourself?

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