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Two For One!

It occurred to me about mid-morning that I hadn’t posted yesterday what I was thankful for – so, you get a two-fer today.

Yesterday was evidently a busy day – or at least I didn’t seem to have time to post a blog. It was just typical work-crazy. But what I was most thankful for yesterday was how productive I seemed to have been. My desk wasn’t piled quite as high and some projects were completed.

Today has been just as productive. But what I’m really thankful for today is the results from my doctor’s visit. I have been going on an every four week basis trying to get my blood pressure back to an acceptable level. Today it finally was good. And I don’t have to go back until November. Yay! I know I have said this before, but I just love my new doctor. She is someone I trust, but think I would have a lot of fun with as a friend. She is just great. I always laugh when I’m there – but I also know that she is taking good care of me.

Heading out to meet my cousin for a drink and dinner – haven’t done much of that lately at all. See you tomorrow.

Comments on: "Two For One!" (8)

  1. Great you are on top of that BP! So dangerous!

  2. Good to hear you’re healthy. Congrats.

  3. So glad you are taking care of yourself! Have a couple of drinks for me. 🙂

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