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Meeting after meeting today. And I still found time to get some things done. And since I went in early, I left early. I was able to go see my dad before dinner. Good thing too. While I was talking to him, something reminded me that I was supposed to call the company that provided him his lifeline-like service. I forgot to do that.

Let’s back up. My sister was cleaning the pool last night at dad’s house. She could hear the alarm going off. I know the service was cancelled so it wasn’t alerting anyone. But it was still making a racket. She got it silenced and alerted me. For some reason it became my job to fix it. So it’s no wonder I forgot to do something that shouldn’t have been my responsibility in the first place.

I got the crazy thing disconnected from the electricity so it wouldn’t trigger any sort of alarm again.

While I was there, I happened to go to the basement. Something looked funny. Was that water? Was the carpet wet? Oh yes it was (on both accounts). After going outside, I noticed that the end cap on the gutter was missing in that exact spot. Evidently the heavy rain earlier this week caused the water to come up through the floor drain AND by the wall. Yay, something else for me to do.

I called my sister and told her that since she lives a block away, as opposed to me living ten miles away, she could put a fan in the basement to dry it out. I would deal with the rest of it.

So today I’m thankful I happened to go to the basement…and happened to notice it was wet. I guess indirectly that means I should be thankful that my sister dumped the alarm mess on me.

I am so looking forward to the day I can actually spend my evenings doing what I want again.


Comments on: "Water" (1)

  1. A crazy chain of events!! Good the water damage was stopped in it’s tracks.

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