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I really haven’t been in the blogging habit of late. I have been reading your blogs (at least a few of them), I have taken time to “like” some of the posts, I have even reblogged a few. But my WP app on my iPhone is screwy and prevents me from commenting as much as I would like. But I’ve been here and I will try and be better.


So, what’s new with me? Not really a lot. Visiting my dad in the nursing home every day, but at least I’m able to get home every evening and even go out with friends from time to time.

I have been complaining that my van doesn’t drive right (not always though). It has felt like it wasn’t always getting gas. Of course, I’m just a dumb woman. Warren noticed a time or two but he would fiddle with something or other under the hood and it seemed to be okay. I think that was just dumb luck because the next day it would happen again. Well, tonight we went to the dreaded mall (I hate shopping). It is about 40-45 miles away from home. I drove. We came out and got in the van and I started it – well, IĀ tried to start it. It wouldn’t start for anything.Ā 

The good news is that Warren was with me. The bad news is that it didn’t matter and I couldn’t call him to come and get me. I did call a friend who lives nearby and she came and picked us up and drove us home. The other good thing is that my dad has his ramp van at the nursing home. Since he can’t drive, he obviously doesn’t need it. So, we went down there again tonight and I picked it up so I could get to work.

We suspected it was the fuel pump. I looked online and pulled up symptoms of a fuel pump going out. Guess what – every single symptom are the things I’ve been complaining about.

Next step, find a fuel pump. Well, really the next step is for him to rent a car dolly and drive up to get my van tomorrow and tow it home. But THEN we need a fuel pump. Called Auto Zone and they want $321.99 for the parts. OUCH!!!!! Again, back online – I can order the exact same thing for between $60-$80. Of course it means waiting for the part. But for that much of a difference I will just drive my dad’s van. Warren can replace the part thankfully.

So, it has been an eventful night – I think it is a sign that I should go to bed and pull the covers over my head. But first, I have two chapters to finish in Charles Yallowitz’ The Compass Key and a review to write. It seems I have only been reading late at night and I keep falling asleep. Tonight I will finish it no matter what though. Watch for a review later.


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  1. Have you tried going without the WP app? I tried it twice and find it easier to log into the system direct. This phone renders most of the Admin panel areas very nicely. Good to see you and your dad are OK. Sorry about the dang fuel pump. Cars are a black hole and a money pit eh?

  2. Love online part shopping. Saved hundreds when rebuilding my FJ

  3. Sorry to hear about the van. Smart move going for the online part too. I’ve had to do that a few times when the door handles on my car fell off. Well, one fell off and another exploded during an ice storm.

  4. What a day! Warm embrace.

  5. Nice to see you here, Pam! I’ve been wondering how things with your dad have been going. That does sound like a not so fun night. You are lucky Warren can fix things. Mr. B is good at a lot of things but car repair ain’t one of them. šŸ™‚

  6. I tell the RS I love him dearly, but there are reasons I keep him. One being that he fixes everything that breaks. So sorry about the vehicle troubles. Even though you know what’s wrong and what to do, it is another hassle to deal with. All week, I have had daughter/granddaughter starting to preschool issues. Anything that can go wrong (I think, but may yet be surprised) has gone wrong. Ugh!

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