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Good friends

I “rested” today at work. I was really busy all day but at least I wasn’t doing any back breaking work. Hopefully my body will fully recover by the time the garage sale gets here.

This sale should be interesting. I have my father on one side wanting to get as much out of stuff as we can. I have my sister on the other side wanting to give it all away. I’m trying to stay in the middle. It doesn’t do anybody any good if we don’t sell stuff.

I just want it to be over. And everything gone. And to make a few dollars.

I had dinner tonight with a former secretary. She is a great kid and I’ve always enjoyed her. It was so nice to see her and catch up.

Now it is pouring rain. Sounds like a good time to try and get some sleep.


Comments on: "Good friends" (2)

  1. Rain? What is rain! Glad you are getting your dad’s things in order. I agree with him, get the max you can for the items. Sleep well to the patter of rain.

  2. Let the haggling begin! Release you’re inner Middle Eastern Bazaar salesperson . . . seriously those people are scary.

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