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Never Ending Garage Sale

My garage is quickly filling up with “stuff”. My basement is looking like a storage unit.

Dad doesn’t want to get rid of some things. I have a big house. I can’t say no to him. I’m trying to make it all look like it belongs at my house.

Then there are the garage sale leftovers. I threw a bunch of stuff in the trash today. The rest is either going to a local charity or I’m selling it online. I’ve had great luck so far selling stuff online. But it is time consuming. Post and upload pictures. Then answer inquiries. Then make delivery arrangements. Basically that’s all I’ve done tonight. At least it’s all been selling. I’m limiting myself to four items a night.

I’ve got a couple of things that I think will be tougher to sell. One is a vintage Singer Sewing Machine. It is really cute. And it works. But it is a specialty item for a limited market. Hopefully my online posts will at least get me an offer.

Had a really nice visit with dad tonight. He had me full out his menu requests. I bought him a stamp with his name but he can’t even use that. So I stamp them all. Then he tells me what he wants to eat. He can’t turn the pages. It made me hungry. Good thing I had already had dinner.

I’m ready for my work week. Certainly not a relaxing weekend though. I’m tired.


Comments on: "Never Ending Garage Sale" (2)

  1. I am sure someone will want the sewing machine. Very specialized but very cool stuff too.

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