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It has been months since I’ve had a normal weekend doing normal things. Things like household chores, mowing the yard. You know, normal stuff.

I had vowed that this weekend I was doing exactly that. Actually I think I said I wasn’t doing anything for anyone else. Only things for me.

Well that didn’t exactly work out. It was expected we were getting a big storm tonight and much cooler temps tomorrow. One look at the grass and I knew I had no choice but to mow.

So two and a half hours, 2 swallowed flying insects, 3 large spider webs in my face and a frightened blue heron later, the yard was mowed. I still found time to get some reading done and a visit to see my dad. All before the storm hit. Well, it hit on my way back from dad.

So I’ve declared that tomorrow is my day too. I do have to get my oil changed, stop at dad’s house and get a few groceries. But then I’m parking my butt in the recliner with my kindle and snuggling under a blanket.

Everything else can just wait another day. I needed a normal weekend. I think the last one I head was Memorial Day.

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  1. Ew on the swallowed flying insects! Mowing the lawn can be quite dangerous! 🙂 I hope today was a better day. Heading over to your most recent post to see if this was indeed the case. 🙂

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