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Playing Catch Up

I have been truly awful on blogging regularly. Life just keeps getting in the way. I’m not even able to carve out much reading time.

But today I did finally take time to organize my poetry. I use Evernote to store all of my poetry. Still trying to figure out a back up system for it because it makes me very nervous that I don’t have it backed up somewhere else. Anyway, I use Evernote to keep all of my poems. But I just use my notepad to create them.

So, I got them all moved from my notepad into Evernote and categorized. I have found that I have lots and lots of poems that are not published on my blog or in my books – and here I was stressing out that I wasn’t writing and wouldn’t have enough for another collection by January. Ha! I should probably publish a collection now of mostly unpublished stuff and I will still have plenty by January.

It feels good to get it organized. I was writing and just pushing it aside and didn’t know what I had put on my blog and what I hadn’t.

It’s been a great Saturday for me. Again, just the normal get errands run, pick up the house and take time to read kind of day. Plus I got the poems organized. And my pseudo brother was in town so he stopped by for a visit. Only thing left to do is go see dad after his dinner. Then more reading – early to bed so I can get up early. Heading to Cincinnati to Trader’s World (it’s a giant flea market) and IKEA (to buy dad a dresser). I’m still fighting with the stupid insurance company that is keeping us from getting dad on Medicaid. But I think we may at least be in the last stages of that – but it’s been a four month ordeal with them. I will end with a picture of the flyest kindergartner (my daughter’s words, not mine). Although he is definitely adorable. Doesn’t every kindergartener go to school dressed like this? LOL
Soren 9:14

Comments on: "Playing Catch Up" (10)

  1. Love the outfit. Also, good luck with the Ikea dresser. Had to help a friend put an Ikea cabinet together and it took the entire Giants game to do it. No words in the instructions. Just pictures and so many boxes. None of them had meatballs in them either. 😦

  2. The fact that you have that much poetry to publish is so impressive! Glad you found time to organize your files. This is the best dressed kindergartener ever! 🙂

  3. The boy was precious and a real ‘fashionista!’ (Can male kindergarteners be called this? Wonder if I better say, he’s a real fashion leader?) Smiles! I am not good at putting things together, had my best friend’s husband come over to put my particle board t.v./armoire thing together…

  4. I use Evernote too, but I keep all my work in my Google Drive, as a back up. If you use Apple products, there’re the iCloud storage drive at your disposal too.

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