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It’s Here!

My iphone6 which was back ordered arrived today.

Disclaimer: I’m an Apple girl.

This phone is great. I looked at the iPhone 6 Plus too. It was huge. My hands aren’t big enough to hold the Plus comfortably. So I went with the 6.

The screen resolution is awesome. Pictures are beautiful.

The extra size is just enough to read comfortably any website I’ve seen.

And, of course, since I synced with the iCloud, it took a short time to have it up and running exactly the way I wanted.

Oh, and the camera is great. The forward facing (for all those selfies) is much better resolution, plus the added timer is great.

The one thing I had seen in s competitor commercial was the speaker. As in one and not two. No problem. The sound is very good. And let’s face it, if I want it really loud, I will Bluetooth it to a bigger speaker anyway.

I’m extremely happy.

Comments on: "It’s Here!" (11)

  1. Good news, glad you are happy with the device. 🙂 Photos please…

  2. Congrats. Are these the bendy phones?

    • Oh for crying out loud. There have been NINE reported that bent. NINE out of how many. The media blows everything out of proportion. These are the thinnest phones on the market. People put them in their back pockets. Sheesh. Sorry, I have just heard this from two other people so it’s a sore subject with me. It was hardly a statistical problem.

  3. S-girl is happy for you but still loves her S. 🙂

  4. Good to hear some positive feedback! All I had heard were the negatives. My sister is still waiting for hers to arrive. Have fun!

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