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How to Optimise your Guest Author Blog Post Promotional Opportunities

Good advice for promotions

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

While I cannot speak for other bloggers on this topic, I suspect that similar advantages may be gained by using the following tips and suggestions when invited to appear as a guest on any blog:


Always read any conditions and/or requirements pertaining to the host blog, follow them and check everything before you send your submission. Especially any hyperlinks you provide.

This will minimise any research and correspondence time between you and your host.

Some blogs (like mine) schedule their posts in advance (up to two months in advance in my case), so requests to change your article, even only slightly, can be problematic.


Never forget that a guest post is your opportunity to touch base with potential readers, other authors and even possible future friends (WordPress visitors are especially friendly and I have found them to be always willing to help other authors and bloggers…

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Thank You

I have the best WordPress pals. A few reblogs of my interview today netted me a bunch of likes on Fiona’s blog. I really appreciate the support in getting the word out.


Check out my author interview here

While you’re there, look around and read some of the other interviews.

Wild About You

This week’s book for kindergarten was Wild About You. I had fun reading to the kiddos and I think they had fun too. Getting to one of the schools wasn’t much fun with all the roads closed for the Fair, but it was worth it!

I had little girls almost break into a fight over who got to sit next to me in one class. And the little boys (two of them) who give me great big hugs and don’t let go. And the little boy who just stares at me (he’s the one who told me a few weeks ago I was pretty). They are great kids. I really do enjoy them.

And it’s a great way to start my week.



Fairly annoying

Tomorrow starts the annual Bluffton Free Street Fair Week. I don’t remember what year this is. It was 100 years a few years though.

For the benefit of folks who aren’t from around here, let me explain. This isn’t just a normal fair. It is a country fair on steroids times a hundred. Streets are already closed off. There is no driving through town at all. It is impossible to go some places (like the bank or the post office). The hospital is at the edge so you can get there…kinda. The library closes for the entire week because they would have no legitimate business and no one could get there anyway. When I say our town shuts down, I truly mean our town shuts down – all so people can eat elephant ears and ride the tilt-a-whirl. And don’t even get me started on how much people spend entertaining their family for a week.


I am not a fair or festival person. Never have been. And my office used to be right in the middle of this mess. There is absolutely nothing charming about watching a carnie staggering from his trailer at 11 am while zipping up his jeans. Then seeing him and his bare feet make their way to the port-a-potty outside my back office door. I’m thrilled my office is no longer near this mess.

The people who live in the middle of it cannot park at their house and they have to live with the noise all week. That’s in addition to the businesses who have their parking lots co-opted by rv parking for carnival people.

The Street Fair consumes our town. Business stops. Schools used to close for a day. Thankfully the state added enough days they couldn’t do that anymore. The ISTEP testing used to be the same week. What a disaster that was. Kids want to be out playing Whack-A-Mole instead of getting to bed early. The Mouse Game hasn’t been picketed by PETA yet, but this is rural America.

Oh, and there is a parade every single day. Really. A different parade every night.

The only good things I see about the fair is the money the local organizations make on all that food. Things like Taco Heaven’s taco potatoes, ZUM sticks (chocolate dipped fruit and marshmallows on a skewer), etc.

I hope the people who love the fair are happy and get it out of their system for another year. I know I will be glad when I can get through town again.

I am thankful that there is no waiting in line anywhere away from the fair for lunch. That’s a bonus. Plus I get lots done at work since nothing is happening this week.

Never Ending Garage Sale

My garage is quickly filling up with “stuff”. My basement is looking like a storage unit.

Dad doesn’t want to get rid of some things. I have a big house. I can’t say no to him. I’m trying to make it all look like it belongs at my house.

Then there are the garage sale leftovers. I threw a bunch of stuff in the trash today. The rest is either going to a local charity or I’m selling it online. I’ve had great luck so far selling stuff online. But it is time consuming. Post and upload pictures. Then answer inquiries. Then make delivery arrangements. Basically that’s all I’ve done tonight. At least it’s all been selling. I’m limiting myself to four items a night.

I’ve got a couple of things that I think will be tougher to sell. One is a vintage Singer Sewing Machine. It is really cute. And it works. But it is a specialty item for a limited market. Hopefully my online posts will at least get me an offer.

Had a really nice visit with dad tonight. He had me full out his menu requests. I bought him a stamp with his name but he can’t even use that. So I stamp them all. Then he tells me what he wants to eat. He can’t turn the pages. It made me hungry. Good thing I had already had dinner.

I’m ready for my work week. Certainly not a relaxing weekend though. I’m tired.

Horror of Horrors

I guess it is that time of year already. I saw a house that was decorated for Halloween last night – complete with Jack O’Lanterns. Ugh

First of all, it is only the 14th of September – not even October yet. Second of all, I am really not a fan of fall anything. Third of all, I don’t like Halloween.

I don’t like that it seems all the prompts in October are around horror. I love Stephen King’s early books. I really love them and read them over and over again. But I hate horror. I know. That doesn’t make sense. But horror for the sake of horror seems stupid to me.

So, I think I will stick my hand in the sand and ignore everything until Halloween is over. It just seemed to start even earlier this year.

On a brighter note, I got to see my grandson yesterday for a very short visit. We built skyscrapers with blocks. We even built a car with his blocks. Then he was off to another activity where he could burn off some energy. Where does all that energy come from? He showed off what he has learned in school by playing a letter game with me. And, of course, we sang the Days of the Week song about a jillion times. I love that little guy so much and wish they lived closer so I could afford (gas money and time) to see him more often. I’m going to need to make a trip over by the first of November though (maybe I can avoid Halloween that way). By the way, he is going to be an astronaut for Halloween – I’m sure he will be cute as everything.

Self-Publishing Expenses Gone Wild!


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One of the major benefits of self-publishing is that you can do it (virtually) for FREE.

And, if you set a reasonable list price, the royalty rates are very high.

So with high royalties and minimal costs, if you can stimulate any sales at all, you should easily make something.

There is very little risk.

However, the number of authors who are investing big $$$ in self-publishing and who are losing big $$$ because their self-publishing expenses greatly outweigh their profits is staggering.


It can cost next to nothing:

  • Zero set-up fees at print-on-demand indie publishing companies like CreateSpace.
  • Zero set-up fees at most major e-book publishing services like Kindle Direct Publishing, Nook, and Kobo.
  • Minimal cost to order one or more printed proofs for paperback books.

If it costs you next to nothing, you don’t…

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Part 2 of Romancing September interview

Here is the second part of my interview with Stephanie Hurt. I am quite honored to be a part of this endeavor. Be sure and check both of these ladies out and all of the authors this month.

Romancing September feature

Today I am the featured romance author on Rosie Amber and Stephanie Hurt’s Romancing September blog.

Check it out – I will post the Stephanie interview later today.

I’m pleased and honored to be a part of this wonderful collection of romance authors. Have you bought my books yet? No? Well, what are you waiting for. Both are available for download on Kindle or as paperbacks. Here, I will make it easy for you and include the links – just click on the picture and you will go straight to Amazon.

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