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Off Topic

This may be a bit off topic. But I’ve been wondering about some things as I read blogs. I try to always visit the “About” page of new blogs. And really people, if you don’t have an about page, you need one. How else will we learn about you – not just about what you’ve written.

Anyway, I am feeling woefully inadequate these days. I think I’m a pretty interesting individual – but then I read some of these “about” pages and see that other people are doing so many things. Sure, I could put in my page that I am a musician (vocals and keys), but I only dabble in it these days. I could say that I enjoy interior design, but it’s only my own home. I could say that fashion is important to me, but, again, it is really only for my own enjoyment. I could say that I am a crocheter/cross stitcher, but I really don’t do that much anymore. I do write poetry, but still have trouble saying I’m a writer/author. I’m not a pet owner, my daughter is grown, I only have one job and I spend my spare time reading.

I’m truly not a boring person though. I have a lot of friends, I enjoy football (okay, maybe enjoy isn’t a strong enough word), I love concerts/plays/lectures, I spend time with my elderly father as I can and visit with my daughter and grandson (but they don’t live close enough to see often), I love summer and being outdoors (even if it is just sitting with a book). And speaking of books, they transport me to different worlds with different people. I am very content. I love to laugh as much (or more) as the next person. So why am I feeling inadequate? I guess I don’t really have an answer for that. Maybe I just don’t talk about myself enough (or I don’t lie on my resume).

But maybe it is time to spruce up my “about” page. I’ve done several author interviews lately and I always feel a little uncomfortable talking about myself and what I do. Trust me, I’m not boring and I don’t just sit around and do nothing all the time. I have a full life with more interests than time. So, what do I put in my “about” page? Leave it as it is or build up my personal resume?

Oh, and by the way, if YOU don’t have an “about” page, why not?

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  1. Hi. I think you’ve started writing your “About” page right here. I like what you wrote on this post. I like those that are not run of the mill. I think mine’s run of the mill. I wrote and rewrite mine a bunch of times; I always felt like I was bragging. But — maybe a little bit is all right in an “About” page. (Is bragging only a matter of perception and interpretation? I don’t know.) I do believe “Abouts” are important because, as you said, how else do we get to know an author, for authors are not one-dimensional.

    • Mine makes me sound boring and old and stodgy. I just looked at your about page and you sound very clever…and interesting without being an over exaggerated statement of you.

  2. I enjoyed ‘getting to know you,’ Pamela, here. I am impressed you have books written! I think this is wonderful! I enjoyed reading about your interests and hobbies. This can be helpful since some people may want to just read blogs about people with similar interests. I tend to follow a wide variety of posts, since I am constantly interested in learning about the world. Just because I am not in school, doesn’t mean my brain needs to turn to mush, I remind myself while I try to figure out an intricate process or something technical which means I need to pay attention! I liked this beginning of an About page, maybe just start over if you wish. I had someone mistakenly feel I was the age I started my blog, but clearly needed to ‘update’ the age every year! Smiles, Robin

  3. I actually only recently have made my Home page on Wee Bit Wordy and Dean’z Doodlez my About page. I think that way people can decide straight away whether they’re going to like what’s on the blog.

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