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Happy Place

I love clouds. I especially love those big white fluffy clouds. I saw this cloud tonight and had to take a picture. I just wanted to fall into it. It just makes me feel like it would be a happy place.

Speaking of a happy place, today was my reading day. I made a little girl cry today. No, she sobbed. She was heartbroken. I forgot that I had told her last week she could sit next to me while I read. When a little bit asked if he could sit next to me, I said he could. I felt just awful. She was so upset. I gave her a huge hug and promised her that next week I wouldn’t forget her.

Then in another classroom my cute little crush gave me a hug…a hug that lasted a bit too long. He really does have a crush on me. That’s me…a heartthrob for five year olds. By the end of the year I will be forgotten.

Here is my other happy place. Soren just loves dressing up for school.



Comments on: "Happy Place" (3)

  1. I love those thick, fluffy, soft, fall-into clouds. I work at the airport here, and not only can I see clouds like this for miles, if I go up into the air traffic control tower, I can see even more — and they are closer! Great blog; I smiled all the way around!

  2. I just love the little kid’s hair. And he looks so adorable.

  3. Soren is adorable as ever! I mean, could he be any cuter?!? And the cloud, wouldn’t it be cool if we could fall into them or bounce on them?

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