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I was looking for a quick trashy book to read and stumbled across this. It fit the bill.

This book (more of novella length than novel length) was written entirely as a series of text messages. The texts are between Megan and Ryan, her lover. And between Megan and Steven, her husband.

Fortunately it was a short book because the texts started sounding all alike. It had a rather predictable ending. There was some graphic sex talk in it so it is definitely not a YA book.

It was an okay read for a quick book to fill a couple of hours. Not a great book. But not an awful book.


Comments on: "Affair by Loving Husband Review" (7)

  1. georgiakevin said:

    Your book review was done very well. I am not convinced that I want to read the book but I most definitely want to read your work!

  2. “Inspired by true events,”…Ha! Sounds almost like a revenge story. Heaven help me if my exes start writing books.

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