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I had a good weekend. How about you?

Time to play around with some graphics for an upcoming project. Time to clean dad’s house one last time (auction is scheduled for 11/12). Time to have lunch with a friend. Time to have dinner with another friend visiting from Florida. Time to visit with my dad every day. Time to do laundry. Time to have leisurely mornings (very important for us non morning type people). Time to grocery shop (one of my least favorite activities). Time to just putter around.

What I didn’t have time for was to read. BooHoo! I need a reading vacation. Preferably somewhere warm. I’m working on making that happen, although realistically probably not until February or March. By then I will be more than ready for some warmer weather. So maybe I should aim for November.


Comments on: "Time" (10)

  1. Just busy preparing for a long week.

  2. It does sound like a good well-balanced weekend (minus reading time). My honey was down in Ft. Myers on the boat again with a guy from Orlando trying to fix everything that is wrong. We have a couple of potential buyers so he has to go back next weekend. I’m home alone, moping when I should go to the beach. :/ Maybe next weekend 🙂

  3. Warm and reading are ideal. I can tell Susan the Gulf is getting cooler. I think it is 82 degrees now. Decided not to go in yesterday. Sounds like a good weekend Pamela

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