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Is a Series the new thing?

As you know, if you’ve read much of my blog at all, I read a lot. I always have. One of my favorite authors is Stephen King. Almost all of his books are individual, stand alone books. Other authors produce books that don’t have to have multiple books to tell their story.

I’m not talking about the same character in many books (Patterson’s Alex Cross, Silva’s Gabriel Allon and others). Those books can be read without having read any other books with the same character.

But the trend seems to be writing a multi book series. Is this a thing now? I have series fatigue. I want to enjoy a book…not necessarily a library of the same thing. There are sequels. And there are trilogies. But that’s where I really wish it would end. And no more 600 page books please. Is that really necessary?

Expand yourself. Write a book about something different than an expansion of an existing storyline.

One notable exception to a long series is Sarah Cradit’s House of Crimson and Clover series. Not only are they well written books and novellas, but they are not never ending books. And there is plenty of variety in the writing and story.

These are just the opinions of one reader so don’t bash me for not wanting to read 15 books about one thing. I’m sure there are those who will disagree with my opinion. (Isn’t that what makes the world so fun…we aren’t all alike).

Comments on: "Is a Series the new thing?" (5)

  1. I’ve read and written both series’ and single volumes, Pamela.. it depends on the subject for me. As a reader… in fiction at least… I like to immerse myself in a world and so as long as the plot is fresh and unforced I am more than happy with a series. Yet a single volume can be like a taste of a fine wine… not a lot needed to tell you how good it is 🙂

    As a writer it depends on the subject and how it needs to be treated, I think and each has to write what feels right to them.

  2. Honestly, series have been around for a long time. Lord of the Rings and Earthsea are good examples. It is more prevalent in science fiction and fantasy because they kind of came out of the adventure books like Conan and Tarzan.

    You might be seeing more because of the movie adaptation trend. It’s no longer about one book to one movie, but creating a franchise. Just look at what’s being done to The Hobbit.

  3. I did a Trilogy because the story was bigger than one book. (which would have been 900 pages) I am careful to allow the reader to skip any one of the three and still be in the loop.

  4. People in marketing really push the series because it seems a way to hook the reader. I am partial to stand alones and would want any book I do with the same characters to be able to stand alone. My mind wanders every day at what might be the next thing for me. I tire of writing about the same things.

  5. Hi Pam! Hope all is well with you. Just stopping by for a quick hello. I totally agree with you, reading 15 books about the same thing gets old. 🙂

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