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I’m not too into Halloween. But as part of my job, I passed out bookmarks at Boo in Bluffton. The kids loved them which surprised me a little. I thought they would be disappointed it wasn’t candy. I even had one little boy exclaim “yay a bookmark. I read more than any human on earth!” That made me smile.

But my biggest smiles were the pictures from my grandson. He wanted to be an astronaut. So, of course, his fashion designer mother created an awesome costume. The helmet even lights up. I was disappointed I couldn’t see him in person but the pictures were pretty amazing.




Plus when I took candy for my dad to pass out, I told him he needed to wear his orange shirt for Halloween. I snapped a picture of him because I thought he looked really good.

Check out my Trick or Treat poem over at Poetry by Pamela

Comments on: "Halloween" (4)

  1. Very cool costume. Hope he had fun trick or treating.

  2. Awesome costume!! Wow!

  3. Hi Pam! What a great picture of your grandson and what an awesome costume! It’s also nice to see a picture of your dear father. 🙂

  4. So darn cute. All three of them – grandson, daughter, and dad. Great picture of your dad:)

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