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Let it Snow!

I have been busy all day with little projects – some that turned into bigger projects. Now, I’m tired and ready to sit and read. But first some dinner.

Big snowstorm is heading this way – or so they are saying at least. I’m choosing to believe that they are all wrong. It started out 8-12″ of snow with winds. Then I saw that the weather channel was saying 12-18″. Locally, the media is saying 10-14″. Quite frankly, I don’t like any of those options. I much prefer 0″.

Today, though, I’m thankful that my dad is somewhere safe so I don’t have to worry about him. Last year with the weather, I felt like I was calling him ten times a day and yelling because he wasn’t staying inside. This year, I know he will be inside and it will be warm and he will have food. I don’t mind being snowed in (and given where I live, if we get what they are saying, I will definitely be snowed in), but worrying about what my dad is doing last year drove me crazy. One less worry.

The Weekend is Here!

I plan to go see dad in the morning first thing. Then home to curl up with a book under my blanket. And pray the weather forecast is wrong. Right now I’m hearing 7-12″ of snow. Ugh

I’m thankful the week is over and the weekend has begun. Plus I’ve received two five-star reviews on my book 😍


I don’t think I posted yesterday. I guess that’s what happens when you’re having too much fun!

My cousin and her husband stopped over last evening for a glass of wine – we always have so much fun with them. And they are leaving tomorrow for a trip down south so it was good to see them. We are planning on having a shared garden this summer – we have the land and they have a tiny postage stamp sized yard. It will be fun, especially since he loves to cook and we will get to try new things. Aw, who am I kidding? I hate most vegetables. But I can keep the wine poured while everyone is busy gardening.

Today, though, I am very thankful for being NORMAL! First time in my life I think that I have been considered normal. Yesterday was my stress test. It took way longer than I expected it to take. They had to shoot dye through me and then I had to sit for 45 minutes – then lots of pictures of my heart. Then I got to get on the treadmill. That was interesting because the doctor had trouble getting my heart rate up. I’m definitely out of shape and my legs felt like jelly, but my heart is strong! But then more dye and more pictures so I didn’t get the results until today. And they said I’m NORMAL! What a relief to know that all my years of eating badly haven’t permanently damaged me.

And my blog blast began today with another blast next week for my new book. It’s always exciting to see your name on the cover of a book.

Finally, etc.

Finally Love Aflame was published for Kindle today. It feels like it took a long time to get it all done so it could be published. Th paper book will be ready soon.

As far as the etc., it was a great day. I slept in a little bit since I was out last night for a work meeting. I had a couple of really good meetings and accomplished a lot. Then off to see dad after work. Unfortunately he is still talking about moving facilities. I keep hoping that will pass. I certainly won’t be able to keep going to see him as much and doing his laundry twice a week since he would move into Huntington which is the opposite direction from my house and work. Maybe my sister will pick up the slack HAHAHAHA!!!! I seriously doubt that she will go much more than she does now (once a week). Anyway, finally home to a great dinner that I had put in the crockpot this morning and time to just sit and rest.

Today, I’m thankful my book was published and thankful for such a great day (which I attribute to the sunshine!)

Another loss

I’m starting to like my Monday posts the most. I lost another .6 pounds this week. In three weeks I’ve lost 7.8 pounds. I’m thrilled.

I’ve been eating at home instead of going out all the time. And finding low point foods that will fill me up. I’m happy with my progress so far.

Ideally I would lose another 38 pounds (at least 33 more). I just keep thinking about all those clothes I have for summer that I could wear.

Onward and downward.


Writers and authors are the best. I had the biggest smile on my face when I got the mail yesterday.

I’m so grateful to have made friends with so many of you.

P.S. If you haven’t read Not Without My Father, buy it today. You won’t be sorry.

My Day

This may be a really boring post tonight. But let me tell you about my day.

First of all, I had to clean the house. Since I lost my cleaning lady, I decided that I could save some money by just cleaning myself. I used to really enjoy cleaning. Not so much anymore. But I did it and got it done in less than 3 hours. And as good a job as my cleaning lady did, I think it is cleaner. I’m a bit of a clean freak so it never really is dirty, but I paid close attention to getting it really clean. And I just love a clean house.

Then off to see dad. We had a nice chat. He is still unhappy about them transferring his favorite aide, but I think he is finally adjusting. Tomorrow I am drafting a letter to the administrator of the nursing home to express my displeasure for their total disregard of their patients. Dad and another man went to see the director of nursing on Friday and she was patronizing to them and totally ignored everything they had to say. I’ve never met this woman, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like her.

Off then to get dad’s oil changed. We are trying to sell his ramp van and he didn’t want me to get the oil changed. But it needed to be changed and he will never know. LOL

Grocery store was my next stop – ugh! But now I have something to eat again. It has been an adjustment since we used to eat out nearly every night and now I’m eating at home.

Next was to finish up my book cover and get everything uploaded. Of course I was having issues with the formatting. But, thanks to a friend, it is now perfect and I didn’t pull out too much hair. And my book cover was giving me all kinds of fits too. But a really good friend didn’t just help, she called me and talked me through it. I’m happy with it finally. I’m still hoping that I can have everything ready to go by 2/1. That’s a few days past my goal publication date, but I would rather it was done correctly and late than wrong and on time.

So much to be thankful for today – a clean house, good visit with dad, food to eat, friends willing to help out on my book. And now, I’m off to finish up a good book and write a couple of reviews.

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