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Birthday Party

I missed yesterday’s post – sorry. But I had a really good reason – Family.

Yesterday was my dad’s 80th birthday. I hosted his party at the nursing home in the activity room. My dear cousin made his cake (it was delicious). My sister made punch and set up the table. I was just the person who arranged it all.

Dad was so happy. And surprised. After being surprised a day early by my daughter and grandson, dad was surprised to see the son he never had (my quasi brother) and his wife show up and a nephew and niece he doesn’t see much. Plus all of his friends from church were there. We ended up with somewhere between 40 and 50 people. One old woman in the hallway who lives at the nursing home told me that “sure is a big party in there.”  She was right. Dad had a good time.

I figured turning 80 was a milestone birthday and we never know how many more we will have so we should celebrate! It was a great day. I’m thankful for the memories we made yesterday. I have ordered a photo album with the pictures I took for dad. Here is a picture of four generations (dad, me, my daughter, my grandson). I don’t know how much dad will appreciate the photo, but I know that I will treasure it the rest of my life.



Comments on: "Birthday Party" (4)

  1. That’s a lovely photo of a special moment, Pamela.

  2. Happy birthday to your dad! 80 is a great milestone.

  3. Your dad has the softest smile!

  4. Happy Birthday to your dad!

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