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What a day!

We only got about 3.5″ of snow – it is light and powdery though so it will blow around when the winds pick up tonight. I overslept so it was a rush getting ready this morning. I guess I need to set an alarm again unfortunately.

I’m thankful today for Yahoo! (Who can say that without mimicking the Yahoo! sound on the commercial?) They are my email provider and I couldn’t access any email all day. It was fine at 6 this morning and then at 8 it wasn’t available. Not from my computer, my phone, my tablet – nothing! I guess I am too darned dependent on email.

But then about 4:30 it suddenly was okay – well, okay, except for receiving 4 and 5 copies of each email. Wow! It was way easier to delete all of them instead of dealing with them. I know it means I missed some email notifications of things but so be it. I couldn’t deal with hundreds of emails when they were duplicates. Sorry if I missed some particularly important blog you posted today. Hopefully things will be back on track with it now though. I guess I shouldn’t take my email for granted. And maybe I should consider moving it all to my gmail account.

So it is supposed to get even more bitter cold here overnight (how is that even possible?). I’m going to spend the evening wrapped up in a blanket and read.


Comments on: "Yahoo!" (8)

  1. Read this… went to email… and can’t get my mails either… also Yahoo. (sighs…)

  2. I have no clue why my husband, whose computer sits two feet from mine, can’t send me an email to my sknicholls account. It will go to my personal account, but not my business account. I can’t figure computers out. I quit trying. Stay warm! I am wearing flip flops tonight, but long pants.

    • He probably has you in his computer and thinks he is sending to one but the other is overriding it

      • He kept typing in my business address, but I never received it. Then he sent it to my personal address (which is stored in his outlook contacts) and I got it. Seems like he could just type in whatever and it should work. I’m so not savvy :/

  3. Yahoo did that to me once and then I left. Good luck staying warm.

  4. Hopefully you are having no more probs with yahoo!! Now all I can hear is that voice saying Yahoo!!! Lol

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