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Short and sweet (depending on your definition) today.

It was incredibly cold and windy today. I took my time going to work this morning and didn’t get there until about 9. But then I decided it was entirely too cold to go anywhere else. So I stayed in the office. But I needed to grab some lunch and get a check signed. No problem, right? Wrong!

My car wouldn’t start. It wouldn’t even click. (I’m guessing it isn’t the battery though. I think it’s the starter. But that’s a different blog.) What to do? Warren was working out of town today. So I waited until he got back. We pushed it so we could jump start it.

Except it still wouldn’t start. For half an hour we tried. Mr. Stubborn will try again tomorrow. I, on the other hand, will work from home. Where it’s warm.

Really I appreciate him helping. And then waiting until I was ready to leave work to take me home. Now we wait and see who is right. Battery(him) or Starter (me)?

We are supposed to have -15 to -25 wind chills through tomorrow. Brrrrrrr

How are you staying warm?


Comments on: "Brrrrrrrr" (14)

  1. Tomorrow is Chicken Tortilla soup fro dinner and a fire in the fireplace. A toddy or two should help

  2. Stay warm and hope you enjoy working from home.

  3. It’s fifty-eight degrees where I sit on the back porch. I have my fuzzy slippers and my housecoat on. The house is seventy-two degrees with the heat set at sixty-eight. I know there were snow flurries in Jacksonville today and people down here are acting like they are freezing, but seriously, I think people are over-reacting.

  4. I sm drinking hot tea and wearing lots of layers;)

  5. We have a small forced air heater in a living room wall and some sort of convection heater in the bedroom and study – baseboard. It’s been low 30’s to mid 40’s at night ๐Ÿ˜ฆ We use flannel sheets and layered blankets. The heat is so drying we have to take hot steamy baths for our skin. It’s been windy…but, still and all, nothing like the midwest and eastern states.
    I’ll have a hot chocolate before bed.
    Stay warm!

  6. Lots of layers and creamy soy lattes.

  7. Ugh! I hope today is a better car day – and somewhat warmer! I have not left the house for days! I went out to get the mail and ran back in swearing to never go outside again, at least until April. ๐Ÿ™‚

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