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True confession time. I have never read Jane Eyre. It was one of those books I always meant to read…it just never happened. So, I was a little nervous about reading this book. I was afraid there would be things I wouldn’t understand. That, however, was not the case. What happened is that I have now pulled my copy of Jane Eyre off the bookshelf to read.

I can only imagine that this was written in a style mirroring Jane Eyre but I did struggle a bit with knowing whose point of view each section was written from. But even that became easier as the book progressed.

I really liked this book. It pulled me into the world at Eyre Hall with Mr. Rochester, Jane, Adele, and the staff. I felt like I was the proverbial fly on the wall watching and observing everything going on in public, but also behind closed doors.

As I was nearing the end of the book, I went from reading quickly to absorb it all to reading slowly to make it last. I was pleased to learn that this was just the first book in a trilogy. I highly recommend this book and gave it four out of five stars.


Comments on: "All Hallows’ at Eyre Hall by Luccia Gray" (1)

  1. Great review. That was one of my favorites of the year. I just reread Jane Eyre in April so it was all up front. This was the first MPOV first person books I’ve ever read…so that was a bit odd, but it’s like you said, after a bit of reading it wasn’t so terribly unnatural. It sort of grew on me and I liked being in the eyes of each character.

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