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My morning was spent at a memorial service for the 21 year old son of a friend. He was so talented and so tortured. What a loss.

The service was at a local Methodist church but was conducted by a Hindu leader. It all seemed a bit odd or at least unusual for my Christian upbringing. It was, however, a lovely service.

There was a 30 minute long slide show featuring his original compositions on piano. I thought it would be so nice to have those songs to listen to again and again and made s mental note to ask my friend if I could have a copy.

There was also a video of him playing in their home a couple of pieces. I could have listened to the music all day.

The service lasted a bit too long for me though. And the lady leading it spoke so quietly (calmly I suppose) and slowly that it could have been condensed down. But it was still a lovely service but for it being so sad.

At the end of the eulogy it was announced that the music had all been professionally recorded a few months ago and the family was sharing a copy with everyone. I guess my idea of asking was moot. I’ve been listening to his music this afternoon. He was a gifted and talented composer and pianist. So sad that he felt he couldn’t continue living.

Sorry if this is a downer post. I really don’t mean for it to be. I’m thankful that he shared his gift with us.


Comments on: "Music" (5)

  1. I know that pain. So sad. Glad to know you have his music.

  2. So sad! Having a 21 year old son, this brings it home. 😦 So sorry for you and your friend’s loss.

  3. To lose a child of any age is heartbreaking. Please understand, when he took his own life he was in a place (in his mind) that this was his only option. My heart and prayers go out to his family and friends.

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