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Poetic Mess

Finally, we had a little break in the cold weather. The temperature finally not only climbed above zero, but it was above freezing today. Of course, there has been freezing rain and sleet and now snow. Schools are already delayed tomorrow. Oh well, at least it is warmer for today and tomorrow.

I’ve been working on my next poetry collection. I have had all my poems in Evernote and have been pleased with that. Except that I found that it was a bit of a mess because I was putting them in a wonky way. I have no one to blame but myself for always thinking I would fix it and straighten out the mess I had made.

I finally did straighten it all out today. It took the better part of the afternoon while I was watching football. But now I’m ready to start putting together my next poetry collection (or three since I have so many poems that haven’t been published yet). I will work on that next weekend or earlier. My goal is to get this book ready to publish so it is ready before Valentine’s Day.

I’m thankful I finally got it ready to go. I will let you all know when it is being released.

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  1. Yay!! Im looking forward to your new book!

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