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New Mommy

First thing when I got to the nursing home tonight, my new friend Helen says to me “Do you have a new mommy?” We had quite a chuckle over that. Seems Frieda (I found out her name and which room is hers) is still hot for my dad. At one point dad left his room and she was in the hallway. Dad said “I picked the wrong time to leave”. Dad has been in good spirits. It’s good to see him laugh and make friends.

Then I had promised Helen I would show her my kindle so I stopped in her room tonight. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried to explain and demonstrate an electronic device to an 89 year old woman. She is quite intrigued with it. The woman definitely reads a lot.

My dad used to read. He just isn’t able to much these days. I had to buy a large print paperback and then break the spine (which also broke my heart) so it could lay open flat. It is the only way he could read it. So I got him a book for Christmas. As soon as he was done with it, he gave it to Helen to read. Now he is asking for another book by the same author. This makes me happy.

I’m just so thankful that everyone is happy and having a good time. I told my dad tonight that he was providing entertainment for so many people.

Those are the good things that happened. The bad thing is that I lost my cleaning lady today. She decided to take a job where her husband works and quit cleaning houses. I’m really bummed. I guess I will be cleaning my own house for awhile 😭

Comments on: "New Mommy" (4)

  1. Reminds me about trying to explain email to my 100-year-old grandma. Hope you had better luck. I just kind of rolled with whatever she was saying. Sorry about the cleaning lady. Maybe find some house fairies to clean while you sleep?

  2. georgiakevin said:

    What a delightful upbeat post!

  3. You just made my day. So happy for dad and his new friends. Sorry about the cleaning lady. I was without one for about two years. Argh! No fun. I hope you find one soon. My daughter found this girl (and about eight others who were looking) in a local Facebook group. God, I wish I had half her energy…she cleans my house in under three hours and does a fine job. It takes me two days.

  4. It makes me so happy to hear that your dad is happy and making new friends – and reading! What a relief for you that he is happy. 🙂 I love speaking with the elderly, they have so much to say and offer!

    I hope you find a new cleaning person pronto! You work too hard to have to do it all yourself!

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