Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

Productive Day

I have had a nearly perfect day. Home alone. Quiet. Productive.

Cleaned out a cupboard I’ve been putting off. Laundry done (mine and dad’s). Visited dad who is still fending off Freda. Today she brought her breakfast over to sit with him. The aides aren’t much help. Poor dad. I told him I don’t want to miss more than one day at a time because he might have been drug to the altar if I’m not around. Haha 😃

Poems chosen for this book and most of the next book. Just about done and ready to send off for formatting. Just need to decide if I’m going to make available just on kindle or also paper. I’m leaning toward both. Once I send it off for formatting, I will complete the cover.

Today I’m thankful for the break in the weather. It warmed up to 42 degrees. Snow melted. It was breezy though so I stayed inside.

I’m also thankful for getting so much accomplished today. Tomorrow needs to be just as good.

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