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Let it Snow!

I have been busy all day with little projects – some that turned into bigger projects. Now, I’m tired and ready to sit and read. But first some dinner.

Big snowstorm is heading this way – or so they are saying at least. I’m choosing to believe that they are all wrong. It started out 8-12″ of snow with winds. Then I saw that the weather channel was saying 12-18″. Locally, the media is saying 10-14″. Quite frankly, I don’t like any of those options. I much prefer 0″.

Today, though, I’m thankful that my dad is somewhere safe so I don’t have to worry about him. Last year with the weather, I felt like I was calling him ten times a day and yelling because he wasn’t staying inside. This year, I know he will be inside and it will be warm and he will have food. I don’t mind being snowed in (and given where I live, if we get what they are saying, I will definitely be snowed in), but worrying about what my dad is doing last year drove me crazy. One less worry.


Comments on: "Let it Snow!" (7)

  1. Hope the snow misses and you can let the shovels gather dust.

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