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Such a Loser

Weighed in this morning again – and I’m happy to say I had another loss! Minus 1.2 pounds this week. I have been faithful to Weight Watchers and counting my points – and mostly I haven’t felt the least bit hungry. Unfortunately, I have been craving pizza – so today for lunch we got pizza and I ate an entire small pizza – it was soooooooo good. But that will put me over for my points for the day. At least it is the beginning of the week so I have plenty of time to get back on track and still lose.

We didn’t have quite the weather we were predicted to get – but the driveway was drifted shut so I cancelled all of my meetings and appointments for today and stayed in. Well, stayed in as in I didn’t get my van out of the driveway. But I did get in Warren’s 4×4 truck and ride with him into town (groceries, bank, dad’s and pizza).

I’m grateful I have a job that gives me some degree of flexibility. I’m also so thankful for the continued weight loss (and my pizza).


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  1. Congrats. Does it work with daily or weekly points?

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