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Only Tuesday?

I’m still fighting this whatever it is. Cold. Flu. Just sheer misery. I shouldn’t have gone to work yesterday at all. But I stayed home today. Sleeping mostly. Feeling sorry for myself. Haven’t even been able to read. Why is it I always feel a little better in the afternoon, then the sun goes down and I feel worse again????

I’m sitting here right now absolutely miserable. I think it was the flu because I was achy and didn’t have any sinus or congestion issues. But now my head and sinuses are stuffy, but at least the achy feeling is gone. I’ve filled an entire wastebasket with kleenexes. My eyes are puffy and scratchy. It’s a good thing I don’t get sick often because when I do, it’s usually bad. I have no choice but to go to work but I’m not sure how productive I can be.

But I’m thankful today that at least I got out of the house long enough for my hair appointment. I hated to go and thought about canceling. But I knew if I canceled, getting a replacement appointment would be really difficult. And I do feel (and look) better.

Comments on: "Only Tuesday?" (7)

  1. Feel better soon. I was looking it up and one suggestion is that night has fewer distractions, so you notice the symptoms more. No more errands or work to be done, which allows your mind to focus on the cold and, possibly, create a psychosomatic addition.

  2. Nothing like getting your hair done to make you feel better. Don’t push it. Give yourself time to get well.

  3. Hope you feel better soon, Pamela. This has been a winter of lousy bugs and illnesses!

  4. It always gets worse after sunset, a cosmic mystery apparently… Get better soon. 😁

  5. Maybe it gets worse after the sun goes down to remind us to go to bed. I hope you feel all better soon!!

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