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Clean car

My poor van. It’s supposed to be a deep red color. But with all the salt on the roads, it has been looking rather white lately. It finally warmed up into the 20’s today so I figured it would be a good time to get it washed. 

Evidently I wasn’t the only one with that idea. Five lines of cars were at the car wash. As I was waiting for my turn to merge into the single line, the car next to me was making me nervous. First the lady guns it with her foot on the brake. Then she cut me off. I was still shaking my head about her when she can’t seem to get her car on the track to go through. The attendant was leaning in her car, presumably to be sure she had it in neutral. But still no luck. 

You should have seen them trying to get cars backed up so she could get out of line. Since she was right in front of me, I was sure she was going to back straight into me. Luckily that didn’t happen. 

I’m just thankful I was able to get my car washed. 

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  1. Mine used to be a shiny dark gray, but now it looks like a dirty dark gray. There’s only two ways to go with the color of my car.

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