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Small Town Living

I went to Indianapolis today and had quite the adventure. I was headed to the Statehouse to meet with some of the legislators. That part went very well and I felt like it was a good day. But let me tell you about the rest of the day.

I arranged my day to leave early enough to be there in plenty of time and to even have time to stop at Trader Joe’s. So far, so good. Then, I got into downtown and started to look for a parking garage. After driving around the block a couple of times, I decided I would pay whatever I had to pay just for the convenience. But, every lot had a sign saying they were full. Every lot. So I drove further away from downtown.

Finally, a parking garage that had a space. Now, keep in mind that I really don’t know Indianapolis – and I actually hate going there. But I found a parking place – and it was only going to cost me $17 for the afternoon so I got a bargain too. In order to walk out of the parking garage I had to walk down an alley – an alley full of dumpsters (just like in the movies where dead bodies are found). I was sure glad it was noon. I exited the alley onto a “street’ that looked like another alley to me. I made note of the street names so I could find it again.

I walked toward my destination which was actually an office building and not the Statehouse. Except I walked the wrong direction. I was standing on the corner staring at my phone and looking around when a very nice man stopped and asked if he could help me. When I told him what street I was looking for, he told me I needed to turn around, which meant I turned the wrong way when I left the parking garage. No problem. I found my street and realized that I was on the wrong side of Monument Circle so I hiked to my location. By the time I arrived, I was frozen. Did I mention it was cold and windy?

Anyway, all went well at the Statehouse.

Then, I had to find my way back to the parking garage. This obscure street/alley was one nobody had ever heard of. At least after I walked forever and didn’t see it and stopped in an office building to find out where I was – they had never heard of it. I turned around, walked another block, then found a security officer in another building who helped me. He had never heard of it either, but he found it on a map (which I had been unable to do). I walked back in the other direction for blocks and finally found the parking garage.

But the door I exited out of was an exit only and locked. Aarrrrgghh! I walked around the block TWICE looking for another entrance. Finally on the second trip, I stopped a kid who looked like he might work in the area and asked him if he knew where to get in. Luckily he actually did. It was another block up and through a building, By now, I was frozen yet again and just about near tears from frustration. But I found my car and headed out of the city, swearing to never go back again.

But I shouldn’t complain. I saw a lot of people that smiled at me when I smiled and spoke to them. I had a pleasant conversation with one woman at one corner. I got help from several people. AND I logged over 4 miles according to my iPhone. And it makes me appreciate living in my small town, where I know where everything is and know how to get around.


Comments on: "Small Town Living" (7)

  1. I live in a suburb of Cincinnati. We go to Indy quite often. I love that city! There is so much to do, so many good restaurants, and very friendly people.

  2. Glad you got through it. So sorry for the frustration you had to experience. Orlando is not so bad for finding things like parking and businesses but the traffic is awful. I never did get used to Atlanta when I lived in Georgia as many years as I was there.

  3. I hate being lost. Gives a feeling of loss of control. I love my phone for that reason.

  4. Yikes, at least you made a friend with a lady who stands on a corner… 😀 This is why I try to never enter a big city.

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