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It wasn’t long ago that we would eat out four or five nights a week. Now, eating out is truly a treat because it only happens (at the most) once a week. Lunches don’t count because I still eat lunch out many days. Anyway, tonight was a treat night. 

We had to go into town for some errands. Warren had replaced the wheel bearing on my car for me so I took him out for dinner. My only request was that it was a decent restaurant. He chose Smoky Bones. I thought I could surely find something tasty and within my points for dinner. I finally settled on the smoked turkey with a baked potato. 

I looked up the points online. They have a sandwich that is 80 points!!!!! Eighty!!! That is insane. I only get 20 points for an entire day. Can you imagine. Cut a sandwich into fourths. Then in thirds. Now you get one tiny bite of a sandwich for each meal for four days. Not very realistic. 

But I stayed within my points for the day with the turkey. I’m thankful today for my determination. But I have to say I would rather just eat at home than deal with trying to eat out. It just isn’t as much fun when I can’t eat a burger and fries without guilt. 


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  1. So true. Many temptations out there.

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