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Bad Blogger

I feel like a bad blogger. I haven’t blogged consistently for awhile now. Partly because I’ve been so busy at work and at home. Partly because I haven’t had anything to say. 

Plus my poetry blog was supposed to have a featured author/blogger post yesterday and I totally forgot about it. 

So, I’m asking you to forgive me. But I’m also asking for more patience. Hopefully my life will go back to normal, whatever that is, again soon. 

I haven’t even been reading much. In fact, that may be part of the problem. Reading is what keeps me grounded. It soothes my soul. It gives me the focus I need in my life. 

I also hope to get back to reading your blogs again too. I’ve skimmed a few, at best, lately. And rarely comment. I miss interacting with you and will try and do a better job. Both writing and reading. 

On a side note, I finally have an offer on dad’s house. It wasn’t what I wanted. And not at all what dad wanted. But sold is better than paying bills every month as far as I’m concerned. Now everything just needs to go through. I’ve made so many concessions that I won’t pay out another penny. Wish me luck telling dad tomorrow. Like I said, he won’t be happy with me. But at least I can leave him and come home. 


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  1. I believe the way homes are sold in this country needs a 2.0 revision. it’s just too complicated and costly. The closing costs are a major joke. Hope you get everything signed and transferred soon. i feel your pain.

    • That was one of my concessions. I’m paying all the closing costs. Ugh

      • geesh, that will take about 20k out of your pocket, but of course i don’t know the figures. dang sales commission too.

      • That’s the real winner. The realtor

      • Indeed. I think I mentioned to you we had this home on the market for 6 months, finally gave up.

        Not one offer!! Lots of lookers, and the price was in the Comps range too. In retrospect we think the realtor we used was not up for what it takes to sell this house, too bad for him though as his commission would have been well over 10k…

  2. Sold is better than bills.

  3. We will be here when you are ready. You are worth waiting for.

  4. A home is a lovely thing to have, but without your Dad living in it, it is no longer a home. Glad you can let it go and let another make it a home again. Sending you hugs. It sounds as though you could use one.

  5. We do miss you. Hoping all goes well with dad.

  6. Don’t beat yourself up about your absence. We all get it that LIFE gets in the way, often! 🙂

  7. I read somewhere that you should never apologise for your absence. If you’re here you’re here, if you’re not you’re not! 🙂

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