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An Apple a Day….

My Apple Watch arrived today. I stayed home to wait for it. Of course, it was to be delivered some time by 3:00 so it ended up arriving at 2:50. The UPS driver was laughing at me. He said he figured I would be home today. 

I’m such a geek. I love my new toy. I’ve spent some time getting acquainted. Siri is still amazing on the watch. The Apple map function is pretty cool. I can read and send texts with talk to text. I can scan emails. I can listen to my music and control it. I haven’t tested Apple Pay yet but I will be doing that in the next few days. I haven’t set up any activity apps yet. I will be migrating my To Do list to Clear. I have my favorite photos at my fingertips. I can use my watch as the shutter button for my phone camera. And, of course, it tells time, gives me the weather, sports scores, stock prices, has an alarm and stopwatch.

I would imagine that there will be more apps as time goes on. But Twitter, Evernote, and Keynote are a great start. I’m sure I will keep learning new things it can do. 

Is it a necessary purchase? Not really. But it’s a useful purchase for people like me and I’m having fun!

On another note, got my dad a new computer. I really don’t think he will like it. It has Windows 8. I know I hate it but at least I can figure it out. I set up his iPad too. I don’t think that is going to end well. First of all, he doesn’t grasp the concept of apps. Second, all he does is play solitaire, get an occasional email and occasionally look something up on the web. I tried showing him how I could iMessage him, how Siri could help him so he didn’t have to struggle trying to use a keyboard, and talk to text. I hope this all works out…and he doesn’t knock it to the ground and shatter the screen. 

I always wanted to be an only child. I finally think I am. My sister won’t even return my phone calls or texts. She visits dad once a week. He doesn’t have a list for her. She isn’t doing his laundry. She isn’t the one moving his furniture. The man exhausts me. Unless you see what it is like, it’s hard to explain. He always (and I mean daily) has a list of things he wants or needs me to do. I’m too tired to get into it too much tonight though. I just want him to be happy. 

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  1. Enjoy the Apple Watch. Argh! Technology. I just had a meltdown trying to bookmark a page on Google Chrome. They’ve changed it and I had to sign in to Google Chrome just to bookmark a page and didn’t have a clue what that old password was and Norton didn’t work for me. Had to get Greg out of bed.

    I have two sisters, two half sisters, and a step-sister. One elusive sister is not speaking to any of the family and doesn’t even know daddy died. Another (whom I sent a message to) came to the funeral but now has unfriended and now blocked me on FB. It’s WWIII in my camp these days. Would have been easier, I think, to just have one. Daddy’s wife is having a breakdown, her “smart” sister is making everything more difficult than it needs to be, daddy’s self-employed business where my half sister was his sole employee is going to hell…not because of my half sister, but because of my dad’s not so smart wife and her smart sister. Sorry…I’m ranting on your page. Forgive me. Sisters? Crap.

  2. I so want an Applewatch too ! ! Lucky you.

    I admire your patience and perseverance in taking care of your father. You will be blessed.

  3. Have fun playing with your new watch! 🙂

  4. Your watch sounds amazingly cool Pamela – is it very big? I’ll google a picture – love gadgets – I think I might “need” a watch like that too. 🙂

  5. I couldn’t help but chuckle that your delivery man knew you’d be waiting for your package!! I hope you are still having fun with your watch.
    I’m sorry that your sister isn’t returning your calls – that stinks!! I wish she would help you more with your dad.

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