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Book Reviews en masse

I have been lax in posting book reviews, both here and on Goodreads/Amazon. So, rather than just go on, I am going to post a few from recent books I’ve read.

Katie Sullivan, of D/A Dialogues fame and author of Changelings: Into the Mist, has written a short novella. Three Ghosts illustrates the depth of Katie’s writing and gives us the viewpoint of multiple characters. I really enjoyed it but had wished it was longer. Perhaps this could be the start of a novel? Five stars

I typically do not read non-fiction, or if I do, I only read the first half before I quit out of boredom. To me non-fiction is telling a story that I basically already know and am familiar with. I gave this five stars for the story content. I was compelled to keep reading. While the Wright Brothers is a story we think we know, there is so much more that is commonly not known.  However, I only give this book three stars for the writing. I know that David McCullough is a popular biographer, but the sentence structure was really awkward in several places, causing me to re-read sections to be sure of the meaning. That is unfortunate because with improved writing this would be a five star book for sure.

I love historical fiction, particularly Nazi Germany and Civil War books. This book did not disappoint. The story was told from the slave point of view, but also from his childhood friend, who was the slave owner’s son. Freedom means different things depending on your perspective. This tale was not filled with slave whippings (which I abhor reading about), but was instead how these two boys lived their lives. I loved this book and would highly recommend it to anyone. Five stars


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