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My idea of a perfect vacation is plenty of time to read outdoors where it is warm. I have just returned from a week in Florida. I stayed with a girlfriend and she appreciates and understands my need to be quiet and do nothing but read. We did, however, enjoy plenty of time together laughing and eating and drinking. We went to a lighthouse and climbed to the top (and I survived!).IMG_2694 IMG_2680

We also took the brunch yacht cruise up (maybe it was down) the intracoastal looking at the beautiful multi-million dollar mansions. I think I will stick with my house and six acres though.IMG_2702 IMG_2705

And we lunched at the beach – the very crowded beach. I love the beach but I prefer a quieter beach so I’m not right next to other people.IMG_2711 IMG_2710

But I also got lots of reading done. Be sure and see the next post with my book reviews of the things I was able to complete on vacation.

Comments on: "Vacation" (2)

  1. Looks like a great time!

  2. way cool. Thanks for sharing pics. I’ve sooo got to get you down here to the Cape Canaveral National Seashore. No people anywhere, nice secluded beaches. Not all the glitz and glimmer of the yacht crowd, but some really nice seaside cafes.

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