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Review Marathon

I’m still having trouble with WP and getting the links/images to show up in my posts. I told myself that was one reason to put off writing reviews. Plus, I’ve been going from one book to the next without stopping to do anything in between. And, I’ve already moved on to the next book in my queue. I’m reading To Kill a Mockingbird now because 1) I’ve never read it and 2) I want to read her next book and felt I should read this one first. Anyway, here are several reviews and sorry about the links.
This was an interesting read and I enjoyed it a lot. The story is told about three women whose lives intersect (even though it isn’t clear how that is going to happen for much of the book). I felt like the character development was thorough and I really was captivated by these women. This is a 5-book series and I am anxious to read the next book. Four out of five stars.
Wow! I am not sure what to say about this book. It was so well written that it read like a memoir and not fiction. I felt the pain and fear of Alice. In fact, I was second guessing everything about my own life and wondering if I had Alzheimer’s. While the book was very good, it still made me feel uneasy because the subject matter is so scary. I’m glad I read it and I have recommended it to friends. Five out of five stars.
Lisette is a woman way ahead of her time. What a charming story. It made me realize just how far women have truly come in the world and we shouldn’t take it for granted. Lisette wants to follow her passion and puts herself in jeopardy on many occasions to do just that. I fell in love with her and her passion and wanted to keep reading about her. Five out of five stars.
Six Train to Wisconsin grabbed me from the very first page and didn’t let me go until the book ended. In fact, I’m not sure it will ever truly let me go. The author had a way of pulling me into the lives of Oliver and Kai. I felt I was living alongside them. I was able to understand why Oliver did the things he did, but I still didn’t like them or approve. They are trying to unbury their secrets and survive as husband and wife. Five out of five stars.
A Sparrow in Terezin is the second book in the series. The Butterfly and the Violin set the stage in Auschwitz. This book didn’t have the zing or the story that felt as compelling to read. Honestly, while it was an okay read, it just wasn’t on the same level as the first book and I was disappointed. Three out of five stars.
This is a sequel to Somewhere in France, which I really liked. A story set in France during the great war, Charlotte (a former governess from the first book) takes center stage. We learn that she was much more than a governess. I really felt a connection with Charlotte and felt that it was good she was given her moment in the spotlight. Robson does a great job showing us who her characters are and how they think, but also spins a great tale. Four out of five stars
I was gifted this book and since I don’t typically read YA Fantasy, I wasn’t sure what I would think. This was a pleasant surprise though. I have read other books by this author and have never been disappointed. It was an easy book to read and I read it basically in one sitting. I would like to have had a bit more “meat” in the plot, but there were no holes in it. I would recommend this for anyone who enjoys fantasy. Four out of five stars.
This is a novella prequel to the Leopold Blake mystery series. I thought this was an okay book and I will continue with the next book in the series. The characters made me chuckle and smile, but there didn’t seem to be much substance. I’m hoping the next book in the series expands on the characters. Three and a half stars out of five stars.


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  1. Sorry to hear of your WP woes. Hope all gets straightened out soon. To Kill a Mockingbird is a real classic. I think you’ll enjoy it.

  2. You might try pasting your post into Text and then switching to Visual. (maybe you have tried). Enjoyed the reviews.

    • I have. And something still won’t work. I’m too busy and too annoyed to mess with it. I’m sure it’s me and I’m doing something stupid.

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