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Making Reading Fun

All you have to do is see the photo on the top of his blog to know that these are going to be wonderful books. I’m so excited to be a part of promoting them.

Clyde and Friends

I have a passion for make reading fun and accessible, especially for those with reading challenges. It is important to me and a legacy I’d love to leave the world.
A unit of United Way of Indiana has selected my children’s books  for use in their early literacy efforts to help young children learn to read. A part of that effort is to make and post You-Tube recordings of fun books being read. I received an update today that three of my children’s books have been recorded and will soon be available on You-Tube, with more  to follow. I’m delighted that through the efforts of United Way in Indiana my books will help more children learn to read and to discover how fun, entertaining, and rewarding it can be.
Thank you for supporting my writing efforts and for your friendship.
With love,

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  1. Thank you for your re-blog and for all you’re doing to help bring the miracles and magic of reading to young children, Pamela! You’re making the world a better place.


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