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The Latest Reason To Be Ashamed Of Myself

I’ve just now finished this and posted my review on Amazon and Goodreads (and my blog). This was hilarious and had me literally laughing out loud! Ionia’s wit and humor shine in this – read it today!

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Available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

“Thursday the Twelfth” is a 15k word parody about a down-on-his-luck killer in a horror book. Filled with absolute silliness, it is not recommended that you read this book if you are concerned with your sanity. For everyone else who is okay with being crazy, please proceed.

What happens if the star of the horror book, the masked murderer, is arrested before he has the chance to kill anyone? A failing college student steps in to take his place. Can it really be that simple? Does the masked killer just walk up to someone and kill them?

Not quite.

Along with following all of the horror monster rules he learned at Psychotic Killer Camp, like:

The killer always gets up again
He always takes the stairs
He must never lose his weapon
He must enter through the most impossible entrance


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