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Thankful beyond words

I was involved in a very serious car accident this morning. Involved isn’t quite right. I was at fault. 

It was a bright sunny day and I needed my sunglasses. They were on the passenger seat and I looked away to find them. When I looked up there was a car who had stopped (turning maybe?)

Driving about 50 mph and I slammed into the back of her van. Thank God for seatbelts and airbags. EMS, fire department and police were all dispatched. They told me I should not be walking away and should be dead. 

I’m more sore than you can imagine. Severe contusion from the seatbelt that saved my life. I’m purple in places I can’t even show off! Laceration on my right shin. And then a second trip to ER tonight because all of a sudden I couldn’t walk on my right foot and it was really swollen. I was afraid it was broken. Thankfully just a really bad sprain. 

Bottom line, I have had to cancel most of my week at work and rearrange some stuff. But so thankful I’m here to do it. I’m not an overly religious person. But I do believe in Jesus and know He was taking care of me and the lady I hit. He wasn’t ready for me yet. 

I’m pretty emotional tonight. Hug your loved ones tonight and tell them you love them. I’m thankful and overwhelmed by the support of my friends. And I know I have many who are praying for my complete recovery.

I may post a picture tomorrow of my car. I didn’t think to take a picture today. But I need to go empty it out. I’m hoping I can look at it without falling apart. 


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  1. Oh no! I’m so glad you’re okay, Pamela. Take good care of yourself tonight – I’ll be thinking of you. *hugs*

  2. God blessed you and the person in front of you this morning. May God continue to keep you safe, healing and improving, Pamela. ♡ This sounded very serious, dear. You and the other person are in my prayers. Yes, something like this brings us awareness about how short life is and how close death can be, too.

  3. Thank you for sharing this news, Pamela. I too am delighted that you and the other lady were spared far more serious injuries or worse. My thoughts, healing wishes, and prayers are with both of you. I’m grateful that you’re brilliance and warmth remain in this world as so many need what you have to offer, my friend. Please let me know if you need anything. You brighten my life.

  4. Oh, dear, Pam, I’m so glad you are okay (well, you’re hurting but at least you’re alive)! We don’t realize the difference a few seconds can make. Sending gentle hugs your way (very gentle since I don’t want to add to the bruises … ).

  5. Thank goodness you’re alright Pamela. Lots of hugs coming your way! ❤

  6. I’m glad you’re okay. Get well soon, and take care.

  7. So glad it was no worse, Pamela. I hope it all heals fast for you.

  8. Each moment, each second is precious! I am so glad you are able to write about it. Be well, be safe.

  9. I’m so glad you came through with just the reminders of a bad situation. You will be shaken for a while, but the good part is you survived, Bless you.

  10. Oh no, Pam!! I’ve been busy with NaNoWriMo I missed seeing this on my feed! I am SO sorry this happened, it must have been terrifying! Like you said, thank GOD everyone is okay (minus the roughed up body). That could have been any of us, we all reach down to grab things not expecting a car to stop suddenly. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take care of yourself. Do not overdo and do not rush getting back to work. I’ll be checking in on you! xoxo

  11. I’m thankful that this was just the result of it. The fact that you are okay with nothing major says a lot and makes us all emotional. Thank goodness no one got seriously hurt, and I’m sure you have a lot to be thankful for after that.
    Lots of love Pamela, and get well sooner than soon 🙂

  12. Wow, Pam, just wow! I saw mention of an accident and a sprain on FB but had no clue how serious it was or could have been until reading this post. I didn’t have my computer and don’t read mail or blogs on my phone or iPad, and as you know, was away for a week. I am glad to know that you are okay. Wishing you a speedy and complication-free recovery.

    • Don’t want to put much on Facebook. I’m still pretty banged up. The seatbelt saved my life but also left me purple in places nobody will ever see. My leg and foot are aching tonight from my first day back at work. I probably overdid it.

      • God bless you. It makes me quiver at the thought of what could have happened. I’ve seen lesser wrecks come through the ER and not leave. I think I would have to sit out a few weeks. Prayers of gratitude and well wishes.

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