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READERS and AUTHORS – Announcement Alert!

What the Dreck?


Slush Pile

The Dreaded Slush Pile

Two popular terms among authors and readers make me cringe every time I see them—which is much too frequently. There are some very strong opinions about this subject, too.

  • dreck
  • slush pile

These terms generally refer to the ‘worst’ of the books, but this definition by itself creates some problems.

  • There is more than one way to define the word ‘worst.’ Do you mean editing, subject matter, sales rank, very short books, web content disguised as books, or something else entirely?
  • Thus, some authors take this the wrong way. “Are you talking about my book?”

Any one of these things, by itself, doesn’t necessarily make a book bad:

  • Maybe an author has a fantastic story, but on a low budget, chose not to invest in an editor without knowing if the book would sell. Given a choice, I’d rather have a great story that needs editing…

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Noah giveaway

Chance to win a DVD – share the news

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In case you haven’t heard, “Noah” is in stores today! 

The much talked about, somewhat controversial movie has finally been released and is available at a retail store near you.

Here is your chance to win a DVD/Blue Ray combo of your very own. Simply share this post to your favourite social media outlet and then drop a comment here  letting me know you did. A winner will be chosen at random in the following week and notified by email so the proper shipping address can be given.

US residents only (Sorry everyone else 😦 )

noah giveaway

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Rant. Be Warned

I’m sitting in a Bob Evans in another town waiting to meet a friend I haven’t seen in a year. I’m early. Lucky me. I get to listen to what I’m characterizing the local redneck crackpot.

He is regaling the manager with some political lies. I don’t care what side of the aisle you are on, just keep the FACTS straight. This guy can PROVE that Obama was born in Kenya…for the sole purpose of becoming President. Funny, nobody else can PROVE this. Just this very loud old man. I thought about buying his meal and having the waitress tell him with a delivered message. But I’m out of town and in redneck country. I could end up getting the air let out of my tires.

The birther fantasy is just the tip of the iceberg. He went on to talk about other things. Then that Hillary is ugly. Attack the politics of someone.  Don’t attack their physical appearance and certainly don’t use lies/mistruths.

He is across the restaurant and so loud I can hear every word. I’ve yet to hear him attack the politics. And, yes, he used the “n” word. I’m angry. I’m embarrassed. I’m ashamed that in 2014 we have attitudes like this.

I’ve decided that there are ignorant people who cannot be bothered with facts.

Rant over. Comments are closed because I do not want this to turn into a political discussion. Just had to get this off my chest.

Sneaky Stuff

Are you an iPhone user? I am and I’m constantly learning new things. But this is something too big brotherish not to share with everyone.

It seems there is a way that your iPhone knows every single place you have been and for how long. It isn’t as simple as turning off location either. Besides, if you use your gps, you need your location on.

Anyway, the video explains how to turn it off if you are so inclined. I’m not too worried about anyone seeing where I have been. But it is still kinda creepy knowing that it is tracked.

Take a look and let me know in the comments what you think about this.

Random Post

I’ve had this rattling around in my head for a few weeks now. Not sure that I have completely put it all together yet so this may be a bit jumbled and incoherent. Here goes nothing

I know that most bloggers pay a lot of attention to their stats – how many visited your site each day, how many likes do each post get, comments are golden, followers, etc. I know that I’m no different. It seems to be a way of validating us or shows our reach.

But, am I the only one that this applies to?

When I get to a blog post with a bajillion comments, I tend to just close it. After all, my comment isn’t unique or special, just one of many. Often not even recognized or acknowledged. Same thing for “likes” – when I see a post I want to like and then see not just dozens, but hundreds of likes, I tend to wonder what the point is. Of course, sometimes I still do like it. But often, I just close it up.

I’m not sure what that cutoff number would be. But I have some thoughts on that as well. Is it someone who regularly visits my page? Is it someone who I have engaged with? Or is it just a nameless/faceless blogger? In other words, will my like make a difference? Same thing for comments, there are sites where comments are either disabled or always waiting to be approved. It is plain that those bloggers either don’t trust other bloggers or can’t be bothered with engaging. So why would I comment? Isn’t the point of social media (and WordPress is social media) – to be social?

So what do you all think? Is a “like” enough? Do you reply to at least most of your comments? Am I the only one who thinks these things? Please comment – I truly am interested in your thoughts.

Too Funny to Leave Out

In case Charles is still speaking to me, I’m thinking this video will insure that he quits 🙂

Seriously, Charles have a great birthday!

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite authors

No parlor games are complete without Pin the Tail on the Donkey!

Squirrels were in short supply Charles

I hope your birthday is at least filled with laughter!

Be Careful of the Dark Side now that you are older Charles!

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