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RCC Update

Honestly, my eating has been just horrible lately – plus being out of town traveling last week – and next to zero exercise.

I took a look at myself in the mirror and was disgusted though. Something has to change – and fast!

I’ve been afraid to get on the scale – you know, what you don’t know means it doesn’t exist! But I bit the bullet this morning and got on the scale. I held my breath and kept my eyes closed because I just couldn’t bear to know.

Slowly, one eye and then the other and I looked down. And the scale was no higher than it was two weeks ago! I think that is a huge victory. Obviously, it isn’t going down like I would like, but I haven’t done anything to make it go down either.

I’m pleased. Now, I just need to get my butt in gear and move downward – and get some exercise – too much sitting around. I feel like a slug.

RCC monthly update


I’ve read some of the other monthly progress reports. They should be inspiring to me. They are…but yet they make me think I’ve done nothing – and that discourages me.

I guess the good news is that I haven’t gained weight. The bad news is that I haven’t lost any either.

To be honest, I just haven’t paid any attention. Life has been crazy…that’s an excuse I know.

Time to get over the excuses, get serious and do this.

My goal for June is to lose 8 pounds…that’s achievable if I get serious.

But I want my fellow crew members to know, you are all doing great…keep it up.


Well, it has taken more time to get back in the groove than I thought it would. But I’m happy to report I’m back to where I was before I went on vacation. And now I’m hoping to move forward (and downward).

My plan this week is to walk at least two nights after work. One of those will be with my walking buddies. I pick my grandson up on Friday for a week so I’m sure he will give me plenty if exercise chasing him. I call him the tiny tornado because he is a flurry of activity.

This weekend was absolutely the most relaxing it could have been. I had most of the day Saturday to myself and just did a few household chores and laid in the sun and read. And Sunday, I stayed home from church and laid in the sun and read all day. I finished one book and read a second book.

I am loving this weather. Bonus: when it is hot, I don’t eat as much.

Hope all my other RCC members are doing well on their goals. Remember, it is a journey to get anywhere – enjoy the good and the bad parts of the trip. Life is too short not to have fun!

Thanksgiving Project – One Step Closer

Tonight was my first night with a local group of (mostly) ladies walking. We walked a little over a mile. I tend to walk pretty fast so I was definitely the pace setter. I was good except for the hills. Well, except for the uphill.

But I’m just pleased that I did it. One step at a time

My RCC update

I’m trying to remain positive. I truly expected to maintain my weight while I was on vacation. I even hoped I could drop a couple of ounces.

I chose healthy fruits for lunch. Dinner was typically grilled chicken breast. I only had one glass of wine each two nights. I did splurge on margaritas – twice. But only one each time. The night we had the tailgate food, I opted for one small hamburger…no French fries and only half of the bun. I had a burger another night, but only ate half. I did have the sweet potato fries…again only half my order.

I got home and got on the scale and saw something I didn’t expect to see…I GAINED 1.8 pounds!

How did that even happen? It is very frustrating. Good thing I was trying to behave. The darn weight goes on so easy…and comes off so slow and hard.

I’m going to wallow in self pity tonight, but start again tomorrow. But tonight I’m just disgusted and depressed.

Rome Construction Project

Well, if I needed any convincing that I need to lose weight, I sure don’t anymore.

I’m not sure how I missed it, but I just saw one of the pictures posted on my daughter’s Facebook page. I’m really fat in the picture. I hate it. At first I tried justifying it that of course I look fat next to the double zero 6′ tall model. But it’s just me. I think I will look at that picture every time I’m tempted to stray. Ugh!

On a brighter note, here are a couple of pics of my grandson. Isn’t he adorable?




My Rome Construction Crew update

Okay, RCC, I have been really working on what and how much I eat. I still haven’t really tackled the exercise part yet.

First of all, I lose weight very slowly…steadily but slowly. Anyway, the first week I lost 2.2 pounds. I was pumped. And determined to keep going. The second week I lost 1.6 pounds (while at a convention for four days). Now, I’m really determined. Week three and I weighed in anxious to see how I’d done. It was only point 6.

I know, I know…that is still a loss. But I really like seeing an entire pound with the ounces. So now I’m going on vacation…but not a vacation from dieting. I’m staying with a friend. She knows what I’m doing.

I’ve already given her my grocery list so she would have things I could eat and stay on track. But I also know she will think I’m being unsociable if I’m not drinking with her.

So, what’s my plan? My plan (which works pretty good actually) is to drink wine that I don’t like. That way, I’m drinking with her, but taking itty bitty sips. I glass of wine can really last a long time that way. If you know me, you know I am a wine drinker. But I don’t like the really dry wines. So, I won’t ever want more than a glass a night. And the food I’m pretty sure I can handle.

Bottom line, is that the RCC has inspired me, motivated me and kept me on track. I’m doing this. Everybody says “you didn’t gain it overnight, don’t expect to lose it overnight”. But I do think it comes on faster and easier than it comes off, especially when you factor in my age.

But I’m going to beat it and WIN (or LOSE!)

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